Coming Soon: National Off-Road Association (NORA)

Date 2008/9/17 7:51:29 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Jeep Jamboree USA announced in their latest newsletter that they would be spear-heading the creation of the National Off-Road Association (NORA), and organization whose goal is to provide a single voice for off-roaders in the USA, similar to what the NRA does for gun-owners.

The goal is to have the organization backed by an impressive list of big name off-road retailers and a large individual membership who will be able to hire effective lobbyists to ensure that off-roaders voices are heard.

In addition, the organization hopes to be able to provide basic research and studies about the real impact (or lack thereof) of off-roading on the environment.

From the newsletter:
Navigating rolling terrain, traversing tricky rock grades and spines, making your way through wild regions to reach expansive vistas - these are just a few of the reasons so many people are passionate about off-road adventures.

Every day, across the United States, off-road enthusiasts get into their off-road vehicles and take to the trail. However, the roster of the places where they can legally and responsibly go is shrinking.

That's where the National Off-Road Association (NORA) comes in. NORA will bring together responsible OHV enthusiasts to be a unified voice, to learn about important issues, and to strengthen the nationwide family of off-roaders so that they can affect change.

"It's important for off-roaders to come together as a community in order to continue doing what we love," says Mark A. Smith, Off-Road Hall of Famer. "NORA will help us to create that strong community."

Members of NORA will come together not only to share their passion about exploring off-road terrain, but also to share information. Many off-roaders don't know about impending trail closures, or they might hear of closures in their area but not those farther away. NORA will provide a network of information sharing so that members can stay up-to-date on all issues that affect them.

In addition to sharing information that is already out there, a specific example of how NORA will also help expand the knowledge base of the industry is by initiating three studies. These studies will be produced by a university or independent company with the goal of discovering, through information gathering, the real effects the off-road industry has on an economic, environmental, and geologic level.

NORA will also provide a place where members can make their voices heard. Members will not only be informed about issues, they'll also have the tools they need to do something about them. NORA will provide members an opportunity to speak to like-minded off-road enthusiasts, as well as reach out to those land management agencies and elected officials who are making decisions.

While becoming a member of NORA provides many benefits, including a wide array of manufacturer discounts and rebates, it also comes with some responsibility. Every month, members will be asked to respond to three Action Alert items, which will increase the organization's leverage and encourage positive change in the industry. Members will also observe an off-road code of ethics that will help balance the use of off-road trails with the need to maintain a healthy environment.

Strength and success for NORA will only come from a large group of passionate people who want their voices to be heard. This unified voice will help to preserve the off-road industry and ensure that people who love to off-road responsibly will be able to do so for many years to come.

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