DaimlerChrysler Sets New May SUV Sales Record, 2002 Cherokee Tidbit

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The Chrysler brand sold more cars and trucks than any other month in its history, spurred by the continued success of the PT Cruiser and a 24 percent increase in Cirrus sales. The Chrysler group also set a second consecutive sport utility vehicles sales record, selling 69,982 vehicles (Jeep Grand Cherokee sales were 24,926 units, posting a four percent increase compared with May 1999). Total sales for all the brands of the Chrysler group were 226,348, down 18 percent compared with May of 1999, the corporation's best-ever sales month.

"We sold nearly a quarter of a million vehicles in May, and when you look at this number, we had a very solid month," said Theodor Cunningham, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "However, when you compare that to May of 1999, which was the best-ever sales month in our history, the numbers are down."

        DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary, Thru May 2000                        Month Sales        DR %       Sales CYTD        DR %      Model          Curr Yr    Pr Yr    Change    Curr Yr    Pr Yr    Change      Wrangler         9881     11234     -15%      38119     37972       0%      Cherokee        13060     16928     -26%      60904     69602     -13%      Grand Cherokee  24926     23078       4%     111434    112931      -2%      JEEP BRAND      47867     51240     -10%     210457    220505      -5%      Selling Days       26        25                 128       127  

We came across a column in The Detroit News by Paul Lienert regarding the 2002 Cherokee - here's a snippet:

DaimlerChrysler engineers are testing heavily disguised prototypes of the next-generation Cherokee, although the 2002 models are still a year away from reaching dealer showrooms.

Under the camouflage, the new four-doors appear to have the same basic shape as the current XJ-series Cherokee, which dates back to American Motors days in the early 1980s. The profile is a bit more rounded, with a hint of the retro styling that characterized the popular Jeep Dakar concept several years ago. The prototypes carry their full-size spares on the tailgate, rather than inside the cargo bay.

DaimlerChrysler suppliers say the company will likely carry over the current Cherokee for six months to a year after it begins production in early 2001 of the all-new Cherokee (code named KJ) at the new Toledo plant. The KJ-series reportedly will be built on a longer, 104-inch wheelbase, and will be powered by an all-new 3.7-liter V-6 derivative of the 4.7-liter V-8 that is fitted to its upscale sibling, the Grand Cherokee.

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