Jeep shows off Wrangler EV!

Date 2008/9/23 10:10:54 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

CNBC has an article online about Chrysler showing off some new ev concept vehicles recently. Four vehicles were shown off, ranging from an egg-shaped "pea pod" all-electric vehicle intended for "gated communities" to an extended range Minivan with a system similar to what is used in the Renegade concept and the up-coming GM VOLT. What really caught my attention though, was the Wrangler ev! It's an extended range hybrid electric vehicle, again similar to the Renegade Concept and VOLT in that it can run up to 40 miles on purely electric power, then a small internal combustion engine kicks in to extend the range to 400 miles.

Check out the full video.

There was also a full electric Dodge branded sports car, ala the Tesla Roadster, that appears to be based off the new Lotus Europa, looks pretty dang cool.

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