Chrysler to Outsource Jeep Production to India

Date 2008/10/16 22:20:32 | Topic: Facilities

In one of the more "out there" rumors we've seen lately, the usually reliable CarScoop is reporting that Chrysler is in negotiations to manufacture Jeeps in India.
...this story has been officially confirmed by the head of corporate communications for Argentum Motors, Colonel Bhagwati Prasad Suman.

Suman told Just-Auto that Argentum Motors is currently in negotiations with the Chrysler Group about an outsourced manufacturing deal adding that the Indian firm is busy retooling its plant to assemble larger vehicles.

"Right now the work is going on to augment the assembly lines which were made to manufacture small cars," said Suman. "Soon they would be big enough to handle an SUV."

While Chrysler has yet to issue any official word about this, it seems dubious, at best. Perhaps the discussions are for Jeep manufacturing for overseas markets?

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