Give Back on Election Day in America: Wheelers for the Wounded

Date 2008/11/4 8:31:40 | Topic: Miscellaneous

JerryJeeper, a long time reader, recently sent me a link to Wheelers for the Wounded - an organization dedicated to providing off-road experiences for wounded American soldiers. The program kicks off in Florida in April, 2009 and runs through the summer, concluding in Georgia in September, 2009. As of today, it appears that a sponsor is still needed for the June 13-14, 2009 Nevada trail run.

After checking out their web site, it seems like this would be an excellent way to give back just a little bit to our injured brave men and women of the armed services. From their "getting involved" page:
What's needed are groups of off-road enthusiast from around the country who would be willing to put together a trail run while the program passing through their area. With the exception of Moab, Tellico, and the Rubicon Trail, all the events will last 2 days and be held on a weekend.

In addition, individuals can get involved in local trail rides in their state, helping out however they want.

If you're looking to provide some financial support, be sure to check out their donations page - they're looking for everything from $500 state sponsors to online donations.

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