October Jeep Sales Still Sinking - Patriot Only Bright Spot

Date 2008/11/4 8:51:47 | Topic: Sales

The October, 2008 sales figures are out, and the Jeep brand (as well as the rest of Chrysler) is still in a world of pain.

The only (relatively) bright spot for the Jeep brand is the Patriot, which was up 62% year-to-date over 2008. Comparing 2007 and 2008 October sales show that the Patriot sales have dropped 11%.

Here's Chrysler's best try at spinning the horrible news:
Chrysler LLC today reported total October 2008 U.S. sales of 94,530 units, down 35 percent from the same month last year. Sales for October reflect an overall industry decline and reduced fleet sales.

"While October was a very tough month for everyone in this business, we as an industry must focus on the fact that there are still many serious car buyers out there, and every company has an equal opportunity to win their business," said Jim Press, Chrysler LLC Vice Chairman and President. "From a Chrysler perspective, we are pleased that despite this marketplace downturn, our critically important Dodge Ram launch is on schedule and our overall pickup truck share is on target. We look forward to rolling out the rest of our 2009 model year vehicles with improved quality and fuel economy and fighting for those customers who are in the market."

Jeep(R) Patriot sales increased 62 percent year-to-date (50,596 units) compared to same timeframe in 2007 (31,248 units). October sales of the vehicle grew two percent versus September 2008 sales (3,252 units in October compared to 3,190 units in September).

Full sales numbers after the jump...
            Jeep Brand U.S. Sales Summary Thru October 2008

Month Sales Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change
Compass 855 2,240 -62%
Patriot 3,252 3,636 -11%
Wrangler 6,292 9,354 -33%
Liberty 3,918 6,486 -40%
Grand Cherokee 5,638 7,449 -24%
Commander 1,405 2,691 -48%
JEEP BRAND 21,360 31,856 -33%

Selling Days 27 26

Sales CYTD Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change
Compass 23,244 33,513 -31%
Patriot 50,596 31,248 62%
Wrangler 71,427 101,903 -30%
Liberty 58,211 75,351 -23%
Grand Cherokee 62,971 100,695 -37%
Commander 24,059 52,815 -54%
JEEP BRAND 290,508 395,525 -27%

Selling Days 257 256

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