GM Talks Over, New Suitor in Hyundai?

Date 2008/11/10 8:26:57 | Topic: Miscellaneous

On today's episode of "How the Jeep-brand Turns", it appears that GM's most recent quarterly numbers (here's a hint - they sucked) have forced it to abandon talks with Chrysler to focus on saving their own skin.

No sooner did that announcement come to pass, when the rumor mill got ramped up again - this time with Korean automaker Hyundai putting the moves on Chrysler in hopes of landing the prettiest girl at the dance, Jeep. From Reuters:
South Korea's Hyundai Motor Co has had talks with Chrysler LLC owner Ceberus Capital Management about a potential acquisition of the struggling U.S. automaker's Jeep brand and possibly other assets, people with knowledge of the talks said on Friday.

It appears that Chrysler may be trying to create a bidding war by also trying to restart talks with Renault-Nissan...

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