Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon to Drive from Paris to New York - the Long Way

Date 2008/11/10 14:51:32 | Topic: Wrangler

Matthias Jeschke, a (slightly crazy) German Adventurer, intends to lead a a couple of specially modified Jeep Wranglers from Paris to New York. Heading east. On biofuel. Over the Bering Strait. Using giant floaty things (see here). Wow.

From the official web site:
This is one of the greatest challenges since the invention of the automobile and has yet to be successfully accomplished by anyone.

To promote worldwide CO2-neutrality, the use of renewable energies as well as energy efficiency, an international team will set out to drive around the world over land exclusively by car for the first time ever, following in the traces of early human migration.

Accompanied by a banner exhibition on the above mentioned topics the historic tour will lead this team across Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Alaska, Canada and the USA, crossing 20 countries in total. It is the objective to put the focus on the individual activities to minimize the CO2-emissions of each country, our partners and our project by achieving a maximum public awareness.

Also, they're still looking for drivers, so if any of you readers plan on going, please drop me a line!

Thanks to Marc for sending this link my way.

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