What if Chrysler LLC Becomes Jeep, Inc.?

Date 2008/11/17 8:19:10 | Topic: Miscellaneous

U.S. News and World Report has a fascinating and seemingly not too improbable (maybe that's just the pre-caffeine Monday morning in me talking) article about one of the man possible futures for Chrysler - rename/realign the company as Jeep, Inc.
But what if Chrysler LLC suddenly became the Jeep Corp.?

That's an intriguing idea floated by CNW Marketing Research, an Oregon-based research firm with a track record of predicting industry trends. In a fresh study, CNW found that the Jeep brand resonates much more strongly with car shoppers than any other brand under the Chrysler umbrella. The findings suggest that Chrysler might not survive the worst automotive downturn in decades, but it might have a better chance if it consolidated its vehicles under the Jeep name.

Don't panic - they're not talking about a Jeep minivan (that line would go to GM), but they are talking about dropping/selling most Chrysler and Dodge vehicles and expanding the Jeep lineup with re-branded Dodge trucks (Jeep Ram?).

It's an interesting read...

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