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Date 2008/11/19 14:16:02 | Topic: Miscellaneous

I normally don't post content unless it is at least tangentially related to "current news, information, and rumors about present and future Jeeps" - regardless, I saw this article on titled "Top 10 Tips for Surviving Steep Terrain" and thought it might be helpful to both new and experienced Jeep owners (as well as those of us who think we know everything).

Here's their Tip #2:
Stay Off The Brakes - When descending a steep slope, the natural reaction is to hit the brakes. Often times this causes the tires to lose traction and the vehicle to slide wherever gravity and fate take it. With a manual transmission, it is easy to use compression braking to hold the vehicle back and keep it from going too fast. With an automatic this is more difficult, but you can still shift the transmission manually into a lower gear. If you do start sliding, point the front tires downhill and accelerate to straighten the vehicle out. It might seem counter-intuitive to hit the gas when you are headed downhill out of control, but this is the best way to regain traction and control.

It's an interesting read, and even if you aren't taking your vehicle on steep terrain, it's all good information (in a I-know-how-to-survive-in-the-wilderness-because-I-watch-Survivorman sort of way).

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