JeepNewsNow Readers Won't Even Think About Selling the Jeep Brand

Date 2008/12/4 12:14:39 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Our most recent poll just closed and almost half of the respondents don't even want to think about the selling of the Jeep brand to any of the companies recently mentioned in the rumormill.

The poll question, "If Chrysler has to sell the Jeep brand, where should it go?" was meant to figure out what our readers felt would be the best place for Jeep, if it had to be sold. I gave the readers an "out" though, but including a "No, please don't make me answer this!" option - 48% of readers selected this option. The full results:

48% - No, please don't make me answer this!
21% - Renault-Nissan
17% - GM
7% - Hyundai
5% - Mahindra

I just posted a new poll asking if the U.S. government should bail out the Big 3 automakers - check it out on the home page - there's no "out" option though - feel free to elaborate on your response in the comments area.

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