Jeep Scrambler Making a Comeback?

Date 2000/6/21 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Car & Truck News has an article about vehicle taxes in Thailand. Sound interesting? We didn't think so either. What is interesting is that automakers are pressuing the local government to lower vehicle taxes on pickup trucks. One of the automakers involved is DaimlerChrysler. Rumor has it that DC wants to be able to sell a Wrangler-based pickup - a new Scrambler - in Thailand. Here's a snippet:

Here's the interesting part: "Another company that is also said to be pushing for the change is Jeep, which wants its Wrangler 4x4 vehicle to fall in the pickup category to enable it to produce a pick-up on the Wrangler platform."

Why should folks in North America care if Jeep is going to build a new Scrambler for the Thai market? While Chrysler Sales & Services Ltd. of Thailand (a wholly owned DC subsidiary) does build vehicles in Thailand. According to the most recent DC fact sheet on Thailand, the Wranglers they sell are built in Toledo.

Be sure to check out the entire article. They also posted a follow-up article with some photos and information about Scramblers of the past.

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