Chrysler CEO on Electric Vehicle Production

Date 2008/12/17 11:15:46 | Topic: Wrangler

CNN posted an interesting article about the ramp-up of their electric vehicle production.
While General Motors is moving ahead with its Volt electric midsized car, Chrysler says it already has plans in place, not just for electric cars, but also for minivans and even off-road vehicles.

Chrysler's strategy hinges on keeping it cheap. The carmaker will dispense with flashy designs in exchange for low cost and flexibility. And it plans to pile on more electric-powered models quickly once the program launches in 2010.

"We aren't a one-electric-vehicle company," Lou Rhodes, Chrysler's vice president for advanced vehicle engineering, told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview.

Interesting stuff. If you think about the long production times of the CJ, YJ, and TJ then it would make sense that the JK will be around for sometime if they're rollling out a ENVI JK in 2010. That's after 3 years of production with the traditional platform.

The question we should be asking is, will the JK stick around in it's current format (body style) for until about 2015 before it's next redesign? That would be about the same period of time as the YJ and TJ.

The only other question that comes to mind is this: Are these Jeeps as wheelable as our current jeeps? I keep reading that they are, but something tells me there's going to be a heavy price to pay for breakage on these things.

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