DaimlerChrysler Names New CEO

Date 2000/6/23 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Jeep's parent company, DaimlerChrylser, has named James Holden (the current president of DC) the new chief executive office of the North American arm of DC. Here's a snippet:

Juergen Schrempp, chairman of the German-American automaker, made the announcement Wednesday. Holden will assume the role once held by Robert Eaton on July 1.

"Jim's experience is key at this important time in our company's history," Schrempp said in a statement. "I expect that Jim will provide the leadership necessary for success in the highly competitive North American market and beyond."

Holden, 49, joined the company in 1981 after eight years at Ford Motor Co. He will be responsible for the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Mopar businesses. Eaton retired March 31.


"Part of that merger is the brain power of certain executives, and you don't want to lose them," Brown said. "I think the Daimler side is very cognizant and wants to make sure the Chrysler side has a voice and make sure Chrysler employees feel comfortable they have a voice. I think Jim Holden is the right person for that."


The Auburn Hills-based unit of DaimlerChrysler routinely delivers more than half the automaker's operating profits.

David Healy, an analyst with Burnham Securities, said the move to name Holden CEO solidifies his independence and his position within the company.

"I think it does point to some relative independence for the former Chrysler. Holden has been running it as a North American company and making a lot of his own decisions, some of which have gone counter to what Schrempp has said," Healy said. "I think it will help the morale of the former Chrysler people."

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