Chyrsler Thinking About a Car-Based Pickup?

Date 2009/1/20 7:39:04 | Topic: Miscellaneous

To Chrysler, somehow this makes more sense than a JT-type Scrambler-sized Wrangler platform?
Chrysler LLC is exploring entering a new vehicle segment with a car-based "lifestyle" pickup as an alternative to slow-selling traditional compact trucks.

"What is needed is a lighter-duty, multipurpose vehicle from a lighter, more fuel-efficient car platform that allows the vehicle to be priced significantly different from what your full-size trucks are," Chrysler product development chief Frank Klegon said in an interview.

The revelation comes as General Motors Corp. is killing plans for a similar vehicle: the Pontiac G8 ST sport truck.

Automakers are looking at replacing small pickups with car-based crossovers sporting truck beds that they hope will be more appealing to consumers.


Chrysler has not said if its vision falls in the El Camino category. Klegon described it as having unibody construction, front-wheel drive with all-wheel-drive capability, and likely powered by a direct-injection and turbocharged four-cylinder engine from Chrysler's "world engine" family made in Dundee.

He said elements can be found in a couple concepts shown in past years: the Jeep JT pickup and the Dodge M80 entry-level standard-cab pickup.

Did he just say "El Camino"? I think he just said "El Camino". Did you hear "El Camino"?

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