Is the Jeep Brand Cursed?

Date 2009/2/6 8:08:10 | Topic: Miscellaneous

"Everything he (it) touches, withers and dies" - this line may have been from the latest James Bond movie (holy crap I loved it), but it might as well apply to the Jeep brand as well - at least according to Consumer Guide Automotive. In a deeply-disturbing-only-because-it's-true article, they talk about how any company that touches the Jeep brand inevitably dies.
Throughout its history Jeep has built unique vehicles with world-beating off-road ability, while the brandís various corporate owners have suffered disastrous fates. Jeep has often found itself the only profitable division of an automaker on the ropes. Fiat or whichever other company might be tempted to acquire Jeep should consider that, next to the Hope Diamond or the Maltese Falcon, few enterprises have brought worse luck to their owners.

Can the curse be broken?

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