JT (Pickup) Shelved

Date 2009/2/22 16:58:50 | Topic: Wrangler

It's probably not a surprise, but in the March 2009 Four Wheeler magazine in the Letters to the editor section they had a reply from the editor stating the current state of the JT pickup. The editor stated, "Sorry to say, in recent months we've gotten word from reliable sources inside of Chrysler that the project has been shelved for the time being." We all probably knew this, but here is documented proof from a reliable source.

With economic hard times, Jeep will likely have very little in the way of new products for the next few years (other than the 2011 Grand Cherokee). Hopefully Jeep will reconsider the JT in the future, even if it is like the LJ (2-door unlimited) to just get something new into the showrooms.

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