Very Positive Review for 2009 Liberty

Date 2009/2/26 20:22:26 | Topic: Liberty

Larry Printz of the Grand Forks Herald really like the 2009 Liberty - it's one of the most gushing reviews we've seen to date. The worst thing Mr. Printz could find to say was that the "stiffer bolstering on the Liberty's cloth seats would be appreciated" - oooooo, burn!

The squared shoulders mirror the vehicle's handling. This is a real truck, not a suburban poseur in big boys' clothes more fit for traversing the Farm Fresh parking lot than some wooded knoll. It's a trail-rated Jeep, and for Jeep lovers, that's good news.


The Liberty feels like the Jeep that it should be. Yes, you hear the engine when it's pressed for power. Yes, the body will lean going around corners. Yes, there's nosedive while braking. And, of course, there's some body movement over bumps.

But that's on the road. Take the Liberty off road, and you'll understand the suspension calibration. Its joyful play-in-the-dirt persona is intrinsic.

Balancing off-road agility and on-road comfort is handled without the bells and whistles of other SUVs. It works perfectly well, thank you.

Check out the entire review.

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