Man Can't Buy Jeep Wrangler with $25K Cash

Date 2009/3/2 14:42:32 | Topic: Wrangler

As much as I want to believe that this story isn't true, I have a sneaky suspicion that with as desperate as car salesmen are these days, there might just be a few bad apples willing to go to this length to make a buck.

It seems that the author of this story went online to and priced out the exact Wrangler he wanted - the total cost came to right about $25,000. He had $2,500 in cash for a down payment and was prepared to write a check for the remainder - no financing necessary. This is where things went terribly awry:
The three of us talked for a few minutes and finally Dr. Doom presented us with a sheet of paper documenting my new vehicle. Flag-Smasher readily appeared, picked up the phone and wished us luck as he began dialing Chrysler financial; the call was abruptly cut short by my mother. Dr. Doom must have sprayed me with some kind of mind fog (new car scent, if I had to wager a guess); I was applying for a loan, the amount unknown. My mother, utilizing the common sense that I had been robbed of, asked the most simple of questions: “how much of a loan are we applying for?” The disappointment on the face of Flag-Smasher was unmistakable. Was I so anxious to get a car that I never asked for a price? Was the price of the car I so caringly “built” on the Jeep website nothing but a phony ploy to get me in the door? And then I remembered something, something I had heard many times before: Car salesmen are liars. I had simply forgotten that the website is nothing but an electronic car salesman, an e-liar. The number on that sheet of paper in Flag-Smasher’s greedy little hand, displayed in minuscule font, destroyed all faith I had in the rejuvenation of American car companies. $31,732! Didn’t the government just give Chrysler 4 billion dollars? This number shattered my dream of owning a car. I felt betrayed by Dr. Doom and decided to leave on the spot.

If you haven't guessed by now, "Dr. Doom" and "Flag-Smasher" are the saleman and finance-guy.

Find this hard to believe? Then surely you must read the entire story to fully appreciate the fact that this didn't just happen once - it happened a second time, at a completely different dealership as well. Unbelievable.

Chrysler, if you're listening, please contact this guy and do the right thing.

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