New Issue of JPFreek Online Magazine Released

Date 2009/3/23 8:43:24 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Our friends over at JPFreek just released their Spring, 2009 issue and, as usual, it's jam-packed with lots of groovy Jeep goodness.

The issue has a nice write-up on video cameras suitable for off-roading, including one helmet-cam that can be attached to just about any mostly-flat surface - including many that are on the exterior of your vehicle.

Other articles that caught my eye included:

  • A review of portable fridges for those extended length off-road trips.

  • An off-road/adventure trip into the mountains of Texas.

  • An off-road trip in the French Alps (this one was hard to read for me - I was frequently overcome with raging jealousy of the author.

As usual, there was also lots and lots of Jeepornography (cool, I think I just made that word up) to get you through the day.

Congrats to the JPFreek team for another great issue!

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