Siberia-Crossing Jeep Adventure in World of Hurt

Date 2009/3/26 12:05:59 | Topic: Wrangler

Remember the (slightly crazy) German adventurer we posted about a while back? The one who wanted to drive a few Jeep Wranglers from Paris to New York via Siberia? Well, it seems he had been making good progress on his journey, he had covered about two-thirds of the distance - then the Siberian winter got involved (in Soviet Russia, winter drives you). From The Toledo Blade:
But more than 18,000 miles into a 27,000-mile trip, Mr. Jeschke wrote Sunday that his team had retreated after equipment problems back to Vancarem, a village on Russia's northern coast. The expedition's final Jeep was towed back to the village by a chain-driven vehicle. Now, with some fixes, the journey is again on for the Bering Strait, Mr. Jeschke wrote.
"We try to leave Vacarem as soon as possible before the storm starts over again," Mr. Jeschke wrote in a short note yesterday. "We fixed [the remaining Wrangler] rough-and-ready in 12 hours outside night work. Now it is at least movable. We literally try to punch through to Egvekinot by front drive only. Cross fingers for us. 300km of snow drifts without any other vehicle."

Two of the three Jeeps that began the expedition Oct. 1 have fallen. One was involved in a traffic accident in Italy that left it disabled. According to Mr. Jeschke's online journal, the second vehicle's journey ended Saturday night, when the differential on its after-market axle broke under extreme conditions - the latest in a series of failures of the same part during the expedition, Mr. Jeschke reported. The axles are one of several special modifications made to the Wranglers before the journey began.

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