One Hampster's Solution to Chrysler's Woes

Date 2009/3/31 10:15:54 | Topic: Sales

Over on (apparently a "Partizane is a 16th century weapon with multiple blades), there's a neat article by "NewHampster" (which is funny on several different levels) about how to solve the GM and Chrysler financial crisis. His (her?) solution - merge the 2 companies, set the Jeep brand free, and dump a bunch of vehicles.
The bottom line. Focus on only what you do best and dump the rest.

- Cut Jeep loose to try and revive it on their own without the anchor around it's leg.

- Build Cadillacs, large Buicks and Chevy trucks and build them better and more expensive than the competition.

- Develop and build a line of quality family vehicles around the Town & Country /Caravan idea. A division devoted to the family that needs more than just four wheels. Why not a Caravan camper or a Woodie Town & Country with rear deck designed for surfers and snowboarders?

And when the New Jeep brings back the straight six Cherokee, I may be first in line.
It's an entertaining article - go read it.

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