Chrysler Posts 6-Month Sales High

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If this news had come out 2 days ago, no one would have believed it - it would have been just another annoying April Fool's joke.

Instead, its a teeny-tiny ray of sunshine on the otherwise gloomy Chrysler Corporation. March, 2009 sales were the highest since last September and their overall market share hit 10%.

In addition, Jeep Wrangler sales were up 16 percent compared to March 2008. That's good new regardless of the economy.

From the official press release:
"The market is starting to show small signs of life which need to be nourished like seedlings," said Jim Press, Vice Chairman and President, Chrysler LLC. "The fact that we exceeded 100,000 units for the first time since last fall is encouraging, and evidence that our improved quality, improved mileage as well as value represented in Employee Pricing Plus Plus are just what the doctor ordered for recession-wary customers who are reluctant to make long-term purchases. It's too early to see a trend, but spring shows signs of hope.

"It's business as usual as we stay focused on our customers and dealers, listening to what they have to say and building their confidence and trust," Press added. "The U.S. government provided a critical vote of confidence in the Company's alliance with Fiat SpA. The Administration's announcement gave Chrysler a clear path to finalize plans for the future. Moving forward, our goal is to translate the confidence to our customers through our continued focus on quality, reliability and service."

According to Press, "Our internal warranty data shows that we have achieved the lowest claim rate in our Company's history, with a 30 percent improvement in the last 12 months. And reinforcing the Company's improved quality and customer satisfaction initiatives, as reported by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler had the industry's lowest number of recalls in 2008. We attribute this to a focus on designing and building in quality during previous years."

Full Jeep sales numbers after the jump...

Jeep U.S. Sales Summary Thru March 2009

Month Sales Vol % Sales CYTD Vol %
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change Curr Yr Pr Yr Change
----- ------- ----- ------ ------- ----- ------
Compass 1,405 4,836 -71% 3,147 10,400 -70%
Patriot 2,128 7,564 -72% 6,403 17,248 -63%
Wrangler 10,000 8,589 16% 25,450 21,814 17%
Liberty 4,565 7,366 -38% 11,974 23,047 -48%
Grand Cherokee 4,538 8,172 -44% 12,387 23,163 -47%
Commander 1,135 3,414 -67% 3,185 9,648 -67%
JEEP BRAND 23,771 39,941 -40% 62,546 105,320 -41%

---------------- ------ ------- --- ------- ------- ---
Selling Days 25 26 75 76
------------ -- -- -- --

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