2011 Grand Cherokee Will Save Detroit?

Date 2009/4/21 8:28:49 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

TheCarConnection just published an article about "Six Cars That Can Save Detroit" - and the 2011 Grand Cherokee is one of them.
The latest version of Jeep's venerable sport-utility surfaced last week at the New York Auto Show and garnered plenty of positive commentary from the press. The new version's now a cousin of the Mercedes-Benz ML-Class; even though Chrysler and Mercedes are going their separate ways, the Grand Cherokee now shares the ML-Class' running gear, though it has its own new fuel-efficient 3.6-liter V-6 under hood. All-wheel drive is an option, and a two-mode hybrid version is likely in the works. It's also possible Chrysler will bring back the diesel option found in today's Grand Cherokee. Most important could be the Grand Cherokee's quality perceptions: a close-up look at the prototype showed a far more sophisticated look and feel, which could go a long way at correcting consumer opinions of Chrysler vehicles.

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