First Reviews of AEV J8 MILSPEC

Date 2009/5/15 12:21:17 | Topic: Wrangler

The lucky guys over at and Jalopnik recently got to test drive the new AEV J8 MILSPEC.

From Jalopnik:
The MILSPEC took everything we threw at it and didn't even blink. In fact, we thought we heard it yawn. It's like a billy goat with an attitude. As we left our magical off-limits, off-roading heaven, we drew stares from the onlookers as we bombed along at freeway speeds where engine, tire, and road noise serenaded us sweetly. There was even the occasional rubber-necking Wrangler owner. The AEV J8 MILSPEC is every part the beefy and unique machine it's intended to be. It's a wolf in wolf's clothing.

Check out both sites for loads more info and tons of pictures.

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