Italians Taking Over in Auburn Hills

Date 2009/5/26 10:25:00 | Topic: Facilities

With the upcoming finalization of the deal between Fiat and Chrysler, Auburn Hills has been getting an influx of Italians in preparation for the new company. From the Detroit Free Press:
It also ushers in a new era of Italian leadership at the Auburn Hills automaker.

Fiat Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne, who has said he would be Chrysler's next chief executive officer, already has been hard at work shaping the new Chrysler, from accelerating settlement of labor agreements to tweaking designs of new vehicles.

So, Chrysler workers, who were led by German officials from Daimler for much of the past decade, will now have to make another cultural adjustment.

"Should Chrysler people expect to see a large number of Fiat executives taking over?" asked Pierluigi Bellini, who has studied Fiat closely for IHS Global Insight in Milan. "Maybe not many of them, but they will be in critical positions to determine new solutions."

An interesting tidbit in the article showed that Chrysler has only 2 profitable vehicles: the Jeep Wrangler and the Dodge Viper. With the Dodge Viper being (really) low volume, it's safe to say that there's only one (pun intended).

For the existing employees' sake, let's hope that in addition to the new Italian management and workers, Fiat brings over a chef or two for the employee cafeteria! Hello gnocchi and Tiramisu, goodbye jagdwurst!

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