The Italians Have Chrysler All Figured Out

Date 2009/7/10 21:52:00 | Topic: Patriot

According to US News and World Report - Automotive, Chrysler's new pisan, Sergio Marchionne has his finger on the trigger to put some vehicles out to pasture - including the Jeep Compass and Patriot.

According to the article, "Chrysler models are old and they have little appeal on the market." Rather than killing entire brands, word on the street is that Sergio will be whacking individual models in an effort to cut costs and improve sales.
he company hopes to introduce a more attractive vehicle lineup soon. Motor Trend notes, "Fiat will begin U.S. production of its Mini Cooper-fighting 500 city car in 2011. The brand's Alfa Romeo MiTo and upcoming Milano," sporty small and midsize cars, respectively, "may follow it to the States as well."

Clearly, I'm taking advantage of the fact that I'm an American of Italian descent in my writing. No offense intended, all in good fun.

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