New Issue of JPFreek on Virtual Newsstands

Date 2009/7/14 11:51:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Our friends over at JPFreek just released their Summer, 2009 issue and, as usual, it's packed with great features about Jeeps and the Jeep lifestyle.

The issue runs over 162 pages and has some great articles including:

  • Continuing coverage of Mattias Jeschke's Jeep trip around the world (hint: he's somewhere in Asia)

  • Climbing in the UK (amazing pics)

  • Disabled Explorers Jeep trip (I don't think I'd be able to keep up with them)

  • Lots of photos and details about the Jeep JK Overland Edition from Mopar Underground

  • Exclusive interview with Jeep brand chief designer (he wants to drive to the North Pole in a Jeep)

  • Product news, tech tips, and more

Honestly, I can't get over how much content they pack into each issue. This is no lightweight magazine. These guys are pros.

Unfortunately, they couldn't just keep giving the magazine away, so there's now a small charge for each issue. The nice thing is that you can get an entire year for just $5.95 - and it lasts a whole lot longer than that $5 footlong and XXL Diet Coke you'll be slurping down at lunch for the same price.

Check it out today

Even though I know the guys who put out JPFreek, they don't pay me to tell you how cool it is.

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