Jeep Brand Gets New Design Head

Date 2009/7/22 8:48:36 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Business Week has a nice article summarizing some recent internal changes made at the new Chrysler. In addition to new design heads at Chrysler and Dodge, Mark Allen was named the new design big-cheese for the Jeep Brand:
Mark Allen, 46, was promoted to head of Jeep design from his previous position of chief of Dodge and Jeep truck design.

Jeep has the most going for it in terms of design, analysts say. Allen's prime directive will be to preserve and evolve the iconic Jeep look that makes the Wrangler a continued sales success relative to other models in the line-up. "Don't try to make Jeep what it's not," Hossack says. "Don't be selling these little crossover SUVs that won't go over anything other than wet grass. Make a Jeep a Jeep."

Allen is very familiar with Jeep's design heritage, having worked on the 2007 Liberty and 2006 Wrangler. And he certainly has experience with trucks that can tackle more than a damp lawn, after helping craft the 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty, 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2008 Dodge Dakota.

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