Calls Compass One of the Decade's Worst

Date 2009/9/3 8:59:46 | Topic: Compass

The Jeep Compass was named the 3 worst car sold so far this decade, according to
In order to be considered as one of the most-improved or worst cars of the decade, a car had to be sold at any point in the 2000s; some of these models were only on the market for a few years, while others are still being sold today.

Worst Cars of the 2000s:

Whether poorly executed, ill-conceived or downright dreadful to look at, the 10 cars listed below stood out to the editors for all the wrong reasons.

10. Pontiac Aztek
9. Daewoo Anything
8. Isuzu VehiCROSS
7. Jaguar X-Type
6. Pontiac Sunfire
5. Cadillac Catera
4. Toyota Echo

3. Jeep Compass (2007-present): The Compass doesn't belong in the Jeep lineup, a brand known and respected for its off-road ability. It's a soft-roading poseur, and not a good one at that.

2. Chrysler Sebring
1. Smart ForTwo

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