Chrysler Secrecy Annoying Dealers

Date 2009/10/27 22:58:43 | Topic: Sales

Great article from the Associated Press about how Chrysler's secrecy over its 5-year plan going forward may be doing some short-term damage to corporate-dealer relationships:
New management has said little about plans to revamp Chrysler's ailing lineup and return the once-great company to profitability. Dealers are left to wonder what they'll be selling this time next year, even as they struggle to unload unpopular models from their lots.

The lack of communication is a symptom of an automaker so focused on its grand plan that it may be overlooking the basics of running the business.


The lack of information is compounded by frequent shuffling of managers. New CEO Sergio Marchionne just broomed out two brand executives appointed only four months ago. Deputy CEO Jim Press, who to many dealers has been the face of Chrysler, is on his way out.

"It is a bit unsettling after everything that we've been through to see unrest at the top," said Michael Andretta, owner of a Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge dealership in central Pennsylvania.

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