Video: Autoline After Hours Talks Jeep

Date 2009/11/30 9:24:25 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Autoline After Hours is a online show where industry pundits get together to discuss weekly events in the auto industry. If you can make it through the entire episode (they routinely last over an hour), there's always some interesting nuggets of information.

Episode 31 was recorded shortly after Chrysler's marathon 8-hour press conference. Some interesting quotes from the show include:

"The more I looked at Jeep, the worse it got."

"The Jeep presentation was terrible."

Regarding the all-new 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee: "That thing looks really good!"

"Interiors is where Chrysler can really surprise some people."

There's a bunch of Jeep-related talk just after the 32-minute mark.

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