Jeep Dealers Unhappy With New Jeep Ads

Date 2009/12/11 8:23:21 | Topic: Sales

Bloomberg (via Autoblog) is reporting what we all suspected has been happening for the past few weeks - dealers are just as frustrated as we are with the new Jeep advertising campaign.
According to Bloomberg, Chrysler and its dealer body are playing out this very struggle. Dealers are unhappy with the company's new advertising efforts and budget changes that have been made as part of the recently enacted five year business plan. Facing sales that were down twenty five percent in November, dealers have asked that the new ads focusing on lifestyle and brand-building, such as the latest Jeep spots, be stopped. Advertising that shows vehicles and their features, along with a harder sell on the price and incentive front would be preferable to the dealers.

Do you know anybody who actually likes the new commercials?

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