Chrysler Bans Texting While Driving

Date 2009/12/16 7:16:30 | Topic: Miscellaneous

In an effort to promote safe driving and set an industry example, Chrysler banned all of its employees from texting while driving yesterday.

On a completely unrelated note, they also announced that select 2010 vehicles will offer text-to-voice/message technology to allow drivers to continue to pay exorbitant text messaging fees using only their voices.

From their press release:
Chrysler Group LLC today became the first automaker to establish a corporate policy surrounding company-owned vehicles and communication devices. The company now prohibits texting while driving in order to promote safer driving behaviors and serve as an industry example. The new policy applies to texting while driving company-owned vehicles and texting with company-provided communication devices while driving personal vehicles.

"The Chrysler Group values the safety and well-being of employees, customers and communities," said Nancy Rae, Executive Vice President - Human Resources, Chrysler Group LLC. "As an automaker, we expect higher driving standards from our work force and business partners as we design products and technology that bring greater levels of safety to our customers and their families."

The company's new "texting while driving" policy will take effect immediately.

"A driver's primary responsibility is to be in control of their vehicle; texting while driving clearly interferes with that responsibility," said Steve Bartoli, Head of Regulatory Affairs. "Chrysler Group LLC supports initiatives to ban this activity. Additionally, we stand with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers supporting a ban on hand-held cell phone operation while driving."

Chrysler Group continues to pioneer the integration of personal electronics in the automobile. Recently, the Chrysler Group announced it will offer text-to-voice/message reader technology in select 2011 model year Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles.

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