Chrysler Launches All-New Jeep Merchandising Site

Date 2010/2/2 7:00:46 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Chrysler recently launched all-new merchandising sites for their various product lines, including Jeep Gear. In their announcement of the online stores, Chrysler says:
For Jeep, the “I Live. I Ride. I Am. Jeep”, tagline now also applies to “I wear.” A sampling of what you can find at Jeep Gear includes trail headlamps, UV-filtering sunglasses, a Swiss Army rescue tool and tons of other must-haves for off-roaders. Performance fleece and water-resistant jackets and vests are there for the adventurers. And for their traveling pets, the site features collapsible bowls, matching leashes/collars and other accessories. Completing the site are a collection of military-inspired t-shirts, as well as a collection of go-anywhere t-shirts from American Apparel.

If you're into Jeep-branded wine stoppers or USB Flash Drives, then you should definitely check it out.

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