JPFreek Magazine Heading to an iPad Near You

Date 2010/3/13 12:01:24 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Are you one of the 91,000 or so people who ordered an iPad during the first six hours it was on sale? If so, you'll probably be psyched to know that the most excellent JPFreek Magazine has announced an iPad edition!
This new delivery channel will allow consumers to read and share JPFreek’s digital edition on a platform that will be extremely user-friendly and will continue to propel the publication at the forefront of technology. In addition to iPad-capability, the magazine will also be viewable on the ever popular iPhone platform.

This is really cool news for anyone interested in Jeeps and technology. I can't wait to see what Frank and the guys over at JPFreek can do with their great content on the iPad. Knowing how much multimedia they put into the online version, I'm sure it'll be great!

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