The Elegant Jeep

Date 2010/4/15 8:06:43 | Topic: Wrangler

Big thanks to JerryJeeper, a long time reader and contributor to JeepNewsNow for finding this gem of an article about the Jeep's elegant design.

Posted by The American, the journal of the American Enterprise Institute, the article is a great primer on the history and pedigree of the Wrangler:
The appeal of the basic Jeep is visceral, profound, beyond explanation. Not even a Volkswagen Beetle is as instantly recognizable. Older Jeeps continue to be recycled through new bodies, new engines, giant wheels and tires, hard tops, soft tops, no tops. They become dune buggies, beach buggies, ball buggies on golf driving ranges, and windshield-down stump jumping go-to-hell cars. They do everything but die.


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