Complete 2011 Grand Cherokee Info (including invoice prices)

Date 2010/5/19 4:17:18 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

The 2011 Grand Cherokee page over at continues to be one of the best sources on the web for information about one of Chrysler's upcoming new flagship vehicles.

The page was recently updated with invoice pricing for the all-new GC, and it appears that dealers won't have too much wiggle room in the pricing, as the dealer invoice cost is only about $1,000 less than the MSRP:
Dealer invoices are close to the actual sales prices. A Grand Cherokee Laredo, the well equipped base model, is listed at $32,995 with no options; the dealer cost is $31,402, with a $966 dealer holdback. The Friends & Family Program drops that down to $31,088 with no need to bargain.


Dealers generally cannot sell vehicles at invoice and break even overall, because of the high costs of carrying inventory, insurance, real estate taxes, commissions, and salaries; and buyers are advised not to try to bargain dealers down to invoice prices. The luxury Jeep has a small dealer markup for its price; Chrysler may be assuming that dealers will be able to survive due to greater sales volumes, smaller negotiated discounts due to the new models' desirability, and the performance-based dealer bonuses announced some time ago.

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