First Ever Jeep Mobile Application

Date 2010/6/17 16:07:29 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

Chrsyler just announced the first ever Jeep Mobile Application for smart phones. While this all sounds very exciting for all of you (us) tech nerds out there, the truth is that it isn't. The App is basically just a handheld owner's manual and accessory guide. There is no integration with the vehicle whatsoever, nor does it appear to provide anything that you can't find anywhere else.

What you do get is a nice bit of marketing and an easy way to figure out what all the dashboard lights actually mean. Check out this video introducing the App:

Perhaps the most cringe-worthy bit in the entire video is when the speaker mentions that the App will soon be available in the "iStore". Really? They couldn't take the time to figure out it is actually called the "App Store"? Stuff like this makes me crazy. Sheesh.

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