Jeep Head Interested in Pickup Truck Market

Date 2010/6/24 20:22:17 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Thanks to Jim from Colorado for giving me a heads-up on this article from regarding a quote from Jeep top-dog Mike Manley:
Thats a segment that Im very curious about, Manley said. I know its had a rough time here in the U.S., but globally it still seems to be an important sector.

As CEO, Manley has profit and loss responsibility for Jeeps global portfolio, so hes driven to make sure everything Jeep does can make money. As a result, he said he s looking for every opportunity to expand the brand, as well as make sure it stays true to Jeep's heritage. But could that mean a pickup?

I know theres a lot of elasticity in the Jeep brand globally, so were not limiting our search for new-vehicle opportunities or new markets, Manley said.

Interestingly, when discussing the future of Jeep, Manley was quick to go back to some recent pickup truck concept vehicles, but without calling any of them by name. Theyve kept coming in a steady cadence during the past decade.

Mr. Manley made the comments during a 2011 Grand Cherokee media event last week.

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