JPFreek Launches Brand New Content-Driven Website

Date 2010/7/2 14:08:55 | Topic: Miscellaneous

(from a JPFreek press release)

JPFreek Adventure Magazine is proud to announce the release of our brand new website. The new website is a first of its kind with content from past issues of JPFreek Adventure Magazine, informative articles within the Jeep and outdoor adventure communities, and interactive capabilities that allow visitors to share and discuss content with fellow enthusiasts.

Additionally, various articles feature informative and entertaining video inserts which add a third dimension to article content. In short, JPFreek’s new website is fun, informative, and we hope you will join and help us build the JPFreek community.

Visit the new JPFreek website today at and if you use Facebook and/or Twitter, become a fan of JPFreek today and show the world you’re a “Jeep Freek!”

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