Future Mid-Sized Jeep?

Date 2010/12/4 9:29:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Is Chrysler planning a mid-sized Jeep to be built in Turin, Italy? an article on AllPar.com seems to think so:
Marchionne said he intends to initiate the project immediately so the plant can be reconfigured in time for the launch of the new mid-size Jeep and the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan and station wagon, planned for the third or fourth quarter of 2012.

According to the company statement, "This is an extraordinary opportunity for Italian industry to produce cars of quality and prestige. Mirafiori has all the elements necessary to achieve a leap of quality and become a world class plant, producing cars for Europe, North America and other markets around the world."

This seems to imply that any mid-sized Jeep produced in Turin has the possibility of being exported to the North American market.

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