Official Jeep Blog Launches

Date 2010/12/4 8:36:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

[i]From an official Chrysler press release[i]

It is an exciting time for the Jeep® Brand as they venture further into the digital world with the launch of the new Jeep® blog. Jeep® by nature is a very social brand and the addition of the new blog is another opportunity to connect the brand with its adventure seeking audience.

The blog which aims to share the culture and history of Jeep® will give a new voice to fans and industry experts seeking more information about the iconic brand. Followers will be able to discover exclusive content from designers, engineers and other key influencers that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, the blog will showcase and highlight the latest news, consumer experiences with the brand, as well as an opportunity for Jeep® to learn and gather ideas from its fans.

Enhancing the blog experience is the implementation of social media capabilities including an easy-to-use feedback program for users to share information across social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook. Without leaving the blog, visitors can screen the latest videos from Jeep’s YouTube page, check out the newest photos posted to Jeep’s Flickr gallery, read the latest tweets and even see which of their friends on Facebook are also fans of Jeep®. With all the information and tools that can be found on the new Jeep Blog, the platform is destined to be a community and educational hotspot for everything Jeep.

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