Jeep Jamboree 2011 Guidebook Available Online

Date 2011/2/7 7:00:41 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The guys from JPFreek Adventure Magazine have recently published Jeep Jamboree's 2011 Guidebook. It's packed with tons of info including Jeep Jamboree's 2011 trip schedule, information about Jeep Jamboree, and photos from Jamborees across the country.

If you've ever thought about taking part in a Jamboree, this online magazine will push you over the edge (mainly due to the photos). The bulk of the publication is a listing and descriptions of the various Jamborees around the country. It's well-worth checking out.

Check it out by visiting the JPFreek website or the Jeep Jamboree's website.

What's a Jeep Jamboree?

It's a full two-day, family oriented four-wheel-drive adventure that's probably unlike anything you've ever experienced. Jeep Jamborees cater to every level of expertise so they're fun for everyone - from novice to veteran and everyone in between. Any Jeep vehicle with a 4-Lo transfer case can participate - that includes everything from showroom stock all the way up to highly modified rigs.

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