Panda-Based Jeep in 2013

Date 2011/3/22 6:53:14 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

This article was submitted by reader XJGary with some additions by Mike.

JP Magazine has a write-up about the new Panda-based Jeep. They said it really is coming to the US in 2013 and it will be open top, confirmed by 5 different inside sources. Jeep is currently working hard on it. The two possible engines are the 1.4 L gas and the 1.3 L Diesel.
The name is still being kept under wraps (if in fact anyone knows what it is), but what we do know is that it will be smaller than the Wrangler. For comparison, the current Panda has a 90-inch wheelbase, is 62 inches wide, and 139 inches overall length-so it would be comparable to a CJ-5 in size.

From XJGary, "They have a really lame artist's rendering in the article, but they admit to having no clue as to what it will look like other than a 7 slot grill. Llike many, "JP" was concerned that Jeep would just slap a new badge and grill on the new gen Panda. I'm hoping for something better that will get great fuel mileage (a diesel please!), look good, be fun to drive, fit tall people, and be able to handle tough trails. My hope is a mini Wrangler that is a retro flat fender."

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