Jeep: Chrysler's Strongest Brand?

Date 2011/4/25 15:18:32 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Autoweek has an interesting article where the author, Greg Migliore, postulates that the Jeep brand is Chrsyler's strongest. He backs it up with a number of arguments, including the fact that Jeep CEO Mike Manley agrees.
But frontman Mike Manley is quick to correct: Jeep is “the strongest brand,” he says with emphasis but no arrogance.

That's probably true. Other brands move more metal, but Jeep is perhaps the single most iconic in the stable of Detroit's No. 3 automaker. It has looks, it has identity and it has a loyal base. With outdoor enthusiasm occasionally wrapped in all-American marketing, Jeep is undeniably in a position of strength in 2011.

The article is a good read, and includes a tidbit or two about potential future directions for the brand.

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