Only One Way To Go

Date 2011/5/20 15:55:44 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Join Mike Anello and his guest, Pearse Umlauf from Jeep Jamboree USA, as they discuss current news and events in the Jeep community. Listen in as they discuss what a Jeep Jamobree is all about, how America can get its manhood back, recent Jeep brand sales figures, as well as upcoming Jeep-related events. As if this wasn’t enough, Mike and Pearse make their “Picks of the Week”.

Links mentioned during the podcast:

Jalopnik blog post - “A Jeep pickup will restore America’s manhood”
Jeep CEO Mike Manley says we might see a diesel Jeep in the U.S. within 3 years
Jeep Sales Up 65% Over April, 2010
Jeep Grand Cherokee Manifesto Commercial

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