JeepNewsNow Podcast Episode 2: Engines!

Date 2011/5/26 14:22:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Join Mike Anello and his guests Frank Ledwell ( and Dave Zatz ( as they discuss all the latest news and events in the Jeep community. In this episode, they discuss the Grand Cherokee SRT8, the possibilities of a future diesel Jeep in the U.S. as well as recent Jeep and Chrysler marketing campaigns. In addition, you’ll learn about some upcoming Jeep-related events and why it appears that Chrysler is taking the Compass a bit more seriously.

5 Stories
JPFreek’s preview of the 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT
Interview with Mark Allen, head of Jeep Design
Lenny Kravitz Jeep Commercial
Chrysler pays off government loans
Wrestling’s Randy Savage dies in a Jeep

Upcoming Events
Jeep Jamboree USA - Drummond Island, Michigan - June 16-18
Tallahassee Jeep Smackdown Mudfest - June 10
Chrysler Employee Motorsports Association (CEMA) annual show - your chance to meet some retired AMC/Jeep engineers. Stop by and visit Dave at the AllPar tent!

Picks of the Week
Mike - MotionX for iOS (no Android version) - $2.99 - offline viewing of maps
Frank and Dave - The future American Jeep Wrangler diesel, which many expect within two or three years. The 2.8 liter VM engines are an older design but have been updated frequently, and their three-liter V6 diesel pounds the Mercedes into the dirt.

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