Video: The Autobiography of a Jeep (1943)

Date 2011/5/29 10:51:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Huge tip of the cap to Jalopnik for finding this 1943 propaganda film about the role of Jeeps in World War II. The 9+ minute film describes of the life of a Jeep as narrated by the Jeep with plenty of great video displaying its versatility.

The description of the video is as follows:
The Autobiography of a 'Jeep' was a 1943 propaganda film produced by the United States Office of War Information. As its name might suggest, it is the story of parts of World War II told from the perspective of a Jeep.

The Jeep tells us he comes from a country with many roads and cars. He mentions pre-war plans for highways and cities that had to be scrapped because of the war, and the sacrifices the personalized Jeep is making for the war effort.

The Jeep then makes his first appearance before the servicemen, his experience in the desert and passing rivers and his nervousness in front of more experienced vehicles like the tank. Finally the Jeep proves his mettle and is put in general production, ridden by presidents and royalty. All this time he is accompanied by his friend, the American soldier.

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