Big Bear Jeep Jamboree Trip Report

Date 2011/6/3 5:17:48 | Topic: Sales

The guys over at JPFreek recently posted a trip-report from their recent adventure at the Big Bear Jeep Jamboree.

The report offers a glimpse into what goes on at Jeep Jamborees around the country:
Day two’s trail was John Bull. This trail exceeded expectations—surreal boulder hills, gorgeous pine and juniper forests, and seemingly impossible desert views from an elevation of 8100 feet. This was an outstanding trail and I loved every minute of it. Our guides shared local lore and history in great detail, an enriching experience that I really appreciated.

The delights of Big Bear Jeep Jamboree were well worth the trip. The trails were gorgeous, the camaraderie endearing, and the event was well organized, professional, and fun for both newbies and veterans alike.

If you've been thinking about attending a Jamboree, this report might just be the nudge you need...

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